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Lifetime Membership – Unlimited, Professional RECOVERY Support

You will receive everything you will need in order to remove any inappropriate emotional issues you experience. Children’s version also available.We will provide you with guidance, knowledge, reassurance and support about every aspect of your condition.We will leave ‘no stone unturned’ and you will have no doubt about how to achieve recovery.

The recovery portal not only contains the full recovery program but also recovery webinars, apps to stop panic attacks, agoraphobia and GAD, an anxiety reductiondiet, stress advice, life-coaching and all of our TV series, audios, DVDs, books and apps.

The program materials are video based, so very little effort is required – you will be guided to recovery and provided with access to the most qualified, experienced Anxiety Recovery Specialists on an unlimited basis – there to reassure and guide you… AND they have ALL suffered, so they know how you feel and what to do about it!

We have worked incredibly hard since 1997 to create a resource that provides everything you could possibly need, or want, to make recovery simple and fast… and we know you’ll love it!

Eliminating your anxiety using TLM will:

• Allow you to wake up feeling calm and in control
• Show you how to totally control ALL your emotional responses
• Remove your anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and phobias
• Remove overthinking, procrastination and worry
• Completely erase any anxious symptoms and/or thoughts
• Destroy phobias and obsessions permanently
• Remove feelings and thoughts which plague you every day
• Stop your focus on illness and/or death
• Prevent anxiety from ruling your life
• Stop you monitoring your body and how you feel
• Allow you to feel fulfilled in life and happy every day
• Build your confidence to above what it was before you had anxiety
We cannot vouch for Counterfeit, incomplete or used materials bought from any other organization.
We are the only providers of authentic TLM Learning materials.
We cannot provide support for counterfeit program materials bought elsewhere.