Why come to us?

The EIGHT ‘most asked’ questions answered…

1. How long does it take to work? It works immediately.

On receiving the correct ‘off’ command, the emotion of fear is deactivated immediately; the question isn’t ‘how long will it take to work?’, but ‘how long will it take you to watch the video instructions? Answer: about 30 minutes!

As this process is the only way your mind can remove anxiety disorders, it’s a case of ‘just doing it’.

Failure to recover is as impossible as eating failing to cure hunger! Just try it.

The changes start to happen immediately and as this is the only way your mind and body can remove anxiety; it’s your choice as to whether you do it or not.

Recovery relief will flood over you like a warm blanket.

We will prove to you 100% why everything else you have tried failed you, by showing you the simple science of recovery; you’ll be truly overwhelmed with relief when you see how simple and sensible this in comparison to the typical ‘fight or flight’ and coping advice you’ve probably been fobbed off with in the past.

2. Is it easy to do? If kids of seven years can do it… we know you can!

The immediate pay-off is a sense of excitement as you feel the anxiety retreating. Children as young as 4 years do it without even knowing they are… so you can do it with ease.

3. Does it cause more anxiety? Do we have to ‘face our fears’? Good lord NO.

In fact that kind of cognitive therapy practice is hugely counter-productive. What you will do will remove fear from day one… not add to it!

You will feel the fear flow out of you and calm engulf you… it’s life-changing.

4. Will taking medication effect recovery? No, not at all.

When your anxiety has gone, the medication will be completely redundant so you can then just stop taking it. (Talk to your doctor about doing so).

5. Why does it cost money? Yes, a very small fee.

Because the resources you receive and the qualified support are ‘second to none’… you’ll know that when you access it. Nothing comes close to the level of relief and support you will experience. Our team are qualified mental health professionals and they are yours, on an unlimited basis, from day one. Furthermore, we offer the least expensive access to mental healthcare in the world… created by ex sufferers for sufferers. *We have around 20,000 active clients being supported around the world… without charginga small fee, we would have to stop.

6. Can it fail? Here’s the real clincher… no it can’t fail.

The biological response to this programme is the same as eating to cure hunger or drinking to cure thirst; the process is preset in your mind and body. Simply following the instructions switches off your anxiety disorder. This is just it’s human biology at work. This is why our success rate is so high… you’ll see this when you join TLM.

7. What do I have to do? Here’s the real magic of science.

Your body is already pre-programmed to be anxiety free. It doesn’t want to be anxious and it’s trying to get back to calm.

Watch two short videos and listen to an audio and then you do as instructed… it’s simple, it cannot make you feel ‘worse’ and it requires very little effort… BUT, it speaks directly to your ‘anxiety control centre’ in the brain and it tells it to switch off.

It’s natural, common sense and it’s THE solution. The ONLY way to recover. It’s how ALL recovered anxiety sufferers got their lives back and erased every thought, symptom, sensation, phobia and obsession and you will love it!

8. What about depression?

If you suffer from anxiety and depression, you will recover in the exact same way. As your anxiety reduces, your mood will level out completely. This happens as the endocrine system, which controls hormones.

Why are we different?

We are very substantially different because we are the only evidence based psycho-educational recovery organisation.

Here are just a few more reasons why…

  1. Reason ONE is simple – It works… in fact, it can’t fail.
  2. It’s based on science… neurology, psycho-physiology, endocrinology
  3. It’s psycho-educational – simple, effective and common sense
  4. 22 years practice – Resources accessed by over 22 million anxiety sufferers
  5. Over 270,000 people have used our programs with a 100% effectiveness
  6. Tens of thousands of reviews and testimonials by clients, doctors, psychologists and celebrities
  7. It is the only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder therapy
  8. It is the least expensive mental healthcare / therapy in the world
  9. Home learning, workshop, online portal and residential programs
  10. UNLIMITED therapy sessions and support included in with all programs (No extra fees)
  11. Printed and online portal delivered resources to carry with you wherever you are
  12. Support provided by ex sufferers qualified as anxiety recovery practitioners (LAR – MBACP)
  13. NCFE accredited educational facility – NICE CG113 compliant services
  14. There are more… just call and ask – 0800 069 9898


NHS Specified Testing of TLM’s effectiveness

No other organisation comes within 90% in terms of support provision, efficacy, reputation or resources. In fact, psychological therapies have outcomes based on attendance and return rates.


TLM is the only psycho-educational recovery resource with outcomes based on – “How were you before and how are you now?”

Demonstrating 100% recovery effectiveness in NHS specified testing – No other anxiety therapy can demonstrate recovery outcomes (even though they may tell you that they can).

This is nothing like anything you have tried before.

It is NOT CBT, counselling, hypnosis or hocus-pocus… it’s 100% scientific and proven.

Here are some statistics for you to consider…

Clinical trials of talking therapy, hypnosis, medication, EFT, NLP, EMDR, counselling and DBT demonstrate a 0% recovery rate. TLM demonstrates an average recovery rate of 100% in complying clients. (Compliance means ‘doing it’).

Why is it so much more effective than other treatments? It’s simple… because it uses the science of emotional response, it uses evidence based structure and it acts on the cause of the disorders. It is recovery psycho-education, not coping or management.


“As clients start the program it becomes immediately apparent to them why all
else had failed them. This is so logical, so enjoyable and the ’emotional payback’
is pretty much immediate. People sometimes ‘fear’ starting, but when they do,
they can’t believe how different they feel” Beth Linden. Director.