How will we help you?

It’s very simple…


Solution focused to quickly give you the recovery you deserve

Reassurance – Knowledge – Instructions – Support


We will:

  • Prove to you that your conditions aren’t what you have been led to believe
  • Show you the simple science that explains away every symptom and thought
  • Explain WHY you suffer and how special that makes you
  • Show you that, despite how you feel today, you can feel so much better by tomorrow
  • Give you simple, common sense recovery  instructions
  • Provide you with £90/$140 a hour specialists to guide you FREE of charge

* The reason other therapies and medication have failed you will be explained fully.

* The reason you suffer despite desperately not wanting to will be explained.

* Every thought, symptom and condition, from GAD to self-harming, from agoraphobia to fear of dying, will be explained and removed.

* Even if other life factors are ‘in the way’, TLM will show you how to become disorder free despite them.

* TLM wipes out emotional imbalances completely.

The Solution

No matter what other treatments you are having, TLM cuts straight through to the disordered part of your emotions removing the unwanted, negative responses that take away your enjoyment of life!

Even if you are seeing a psychologist, psychiatrist or counsellor, having hypnotherapy or any other treatment, TLM will over-ride it and solve the problem before you know it.

Why? Because there is only one process that reaches and removes anxiety disorders and the above practices do not affect that process, not even superficially.


Why medicate what can’t be medicated!

Even if you take antidepressents, sedatives, anti-psychotics or any other medications for your anxiety, they cannot remove your anxiety disorder.

No medication has ever been created that can reach or modify the area of the brain responsible for your disorder. At best, this medication will sedate you, but it can also give rise to a myriad of other symptoms, issues and even medical conditions.

TLM will remove your disorder naturally despite your medication. After recovery, you can consult your doctor for advice on how to stop your medication.


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