Psycho-educational Recovery The Linden Method

The Only Way To Recover From Anxiety Conditions is to Remove The Cause

The CAUSE is not what you probably think… so read on! This is fantastic, reassuring news for all sufferers.

The only way to remove the cause is called psycho-education.

NOTICE: From this point on, forget what you may have been told previously and focus on this one, vital and over-riding fact – Your suffering is due to a curable disorder – the fact that you still suffer is that you have been misinformed and mistreated. Trust this fact and you are half-way to recovery already.

What is Psycho-education?

Psycho-education is the process you went through to learn everything you know.

It’s how humans learn.

From birth, you take in sensory information through your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin, which is used by the mind to modify what you know and what you do. This happens through a process called neuroplasticity.

neuroplasticity creates, changes and removes neural-pathways in your brain allowing you to hold on to knowledge without having to have a head the size of a planet.

Genuinely, IF you retained every neural pathway created by your mind throughout your life, your head would be the size of a house within days of being born. This pruning (removal) of your unnecessary brain wiring is a vital part of your existence; anxious wiring has to GO because it is disordered. When this happens, ‘ordered’ emotional responses return. FAST.

What does this have to do with YOUR anxiety condition?

It’s very simple.

VITAL FACT – Despite what you have been told, anxiety disorders are NOT mental illness and you DO NOT have to learn to cope with them or manage them and we will prove that to you 100%.

Not everyone CAN suffer… you are special.

You, unlike most people (you belong in a group which occupies only about 30% of humans), were born with the ability to suffer from anxiety, phobias and obsessions and at some point that disorder was created; through neuroplasticity.

Your mind received information from your senses that activated ‘fight or flight’ and also activated your disorder/s. It doesn’t matter what created that first fear.

So to undo that, the same process has to happen in reverse. This is where psycho-education steps in. It’s the only way to recover because NOTHING else influences your emotions.

How does it work?

Like a personal trainer teaching you how to become fitter, leaner and stronger, it is possible to train your brain to remove disorders of the emotions.

But this process is much faster and doesn’t require tiring yourself out!

How fast is it?

You actually have the ability to be completely recovered in less than a second.

How long will it take YOU?

That depends on when you start and whether you do as we say… but most people feel better right away (that’s just science at work).

It’s like taking antacids for indigestion… it goes straight to the problem.

You can send direct signals to your mind, which switches off anxiety, phobias and obsessions, corrects your low mood and permanently eradicates you anxiety condition.

Why don’t other therapies work?

Drugs, talking therapy, exposure therapy, hypnosis, EMDR, tapping, relaxation, breathing exercises, mindfulness will not reach the part of your mind responsible for your disorder.

In fact, they will probably make it far worse because they REINFORCE the anxiety in your mind. That’s just simple high school science.

Our solution creates the changes that are the only way to remove your disorder. Like eating to cure hunger, it just works!

This is why our recovery rates are 100% when talking therapy, alternative therapies and medication have no recovery efficacy evidence.

Psycho-education isn’t psychology, psychiatry or medicine

Why psycho-education?

Because anxiety conditions are hormone response conditions created by disorder and caused by your *genetic ability to suffer – they are not ‘mental health’ issues, neurologically, they are just like unfitness!

If you were unfit, overweight and unhealthy, would you rather:

  1. Take a pill to forget how unfit you are?
  2. Have therapy to come to terms with your physical state?
  3. Reduce calorie intake and move more?

I think we would all prefer option three unless we are incredibly lazy.

Now apply these same principles to anxiety, the disorder of fear, which would you rather do?

Psycho-educational recovery is simple, logical, scientific and immediately effective.

*Only around 30% of all humans have the ability to suffer from an anxiety condition. Many are immune by birth. The ability to suffer comes from a genetic ‘gift’ provided to you by evolution, just like having any gift or talent, it is a positive thing despite it currently causing your disorders.

You’ll soon understand and be benefiting from this gift.

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