The TRUE Psychology of Recovery

Why has nothing you’ve tried worked?

The REAL science of what works and what doesn’t

The Science

Emotional responses, circulation, digestion, endocrine responses and other autonomic systems of the human body rely on neurological data processed by the subconscious mind which, in turn, sends systemic instruction via nerve impulses. The emotions cannot be controlled or manipulated by thought. Cognition play no role in subconscious processes. Medications cannot manipulate these systems effectively. Hypnosis, talking, relaxation, breathing exercises, meditation, tapping, EMDR, counselling, cannot deactivate or manipulate these systems.


Please read this very carefully because we are probably the only people who will tell you this.

This section explains why our recovery rates are NINE times higher than other practices.

Your subconscious mind produces every anxious sensation, phobia, obsession, panic attack and thought you experience and your mind has become adjusted to believe that your current FEAR levels are correct. You have a FEAR disorder… anxiety is the disorder of the emotion of fear.

You suffer because you were born with the ability to develop an anxiety disorder; not everyone is born with this predisposition. Around 25% of the world’s population are born with it. The CAUSE of your anxiety disorder is NOT the initial catalyst (the life issue that gave rise to your first anxiety condition), the cause is your ability to suffer.

So you are actually very special.

The reason you suffer is what MUST be addressed in order for you to recover. There is NO OTHER solution.

In the same way as there is just one cure for cut skin… your body’s ability to fill the gap with new skin cells, there is only one way to recover from anxiety, phobias, health anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, obsessions and low mood. ONE SOLUTION.

Whilst there are possibly THOUSANDS of treatments out there… the mind and body will only switch off a fear disorder in one way.

That’s just the way the body works. Do you understand this concept?

It’s like ‘eating’ to ‘cure’ hunger… there’s no other solution.


Why have other therapy or substance used for TREATING anxiety disorders not worked?

Because they CAN’T work. Just to demonstrate this fact…

You cannot have therapy to cure hunger.
You cannot cure cut skin with hypnosis.
You cannot close cut skin with drugs.
You cannot ‘reason’ with your internal systems.
You cannot adjust or control emotional responses using thought.
You cannot stop hormone release through talking therapy.

Do you see why that is? Because the body has to ‘do its thing’ itself.

OK, you can dress a wound to keep it clean but the dressing is NOT the solution, it just prevents infection… it aids healing but your body closes cuts without your conscious help.

Anxiety is SYSTEMIC – just like breathing, digestion or circulation it happens whether you are asleep or awake… YES it’s become maladjusted in anxiety disorders, but it’s ‘normal bodily function’… it’s just not appropriate to your environment. It THINKS you’re fighting a tiger!

By adding medications and ‘chat’, exposure therapy or any substance or counselling, you are just making things worse… you are confusing your mind and when this happens it doesn’t send the correct signals to your body.

To recap:

Hypnotherapy – Cannot and will not erase or change your autonomic responses.
Talking therapy – Cannot reset fear levels. It cannot make you less anxious.
Tapping – The science of tapping doesn’t exist. It is not a therapy.
EMDR – The eyes cannot change emotional responses. This is not real science.
Medication – At best a sedative or placebo. It can’t mend inappropriate emotional responses.

To demonstrate that the science they use is bogus, just try this…

Slow your heart rate.
Stop digesting your last meal.
Stop producing adrenalin.
Increase your blood sugar levels.
Decrease your sadness.

You can’t consciously control these subconscious responses… so what on earth would make anyone believe that ‘therapy’ can do these things… no amount of therapy, reasoning, talking, tapping or drugs will stop your mind being ‘anxious’… in fact, if anything at all, it will make it far, far worse… at best, you’ll stay the same as you are now because doing these things is ‘practising’ being anxious.


…EVERY TIME you talk about how you feel, you reinforce and legitimise your disorder… you make it worse.

…medications for anxiety cannot and will not reach the part of your brain that creates your anxiety.

…Serotonin has NOTHING to do with anxiety disorders? (Despite doctors giving you SSRI’s and telling you they are related, they are not.)

…depression and anxiety are unrelated and CANNOT co-exist in your brain. (Despite how you feel, it’s NOT clinical depression)

…hypnosis CANNOT reach the are of the brain responsible for your disorder.

…mindfulness, meditation, relaxing and time off will make you far worse!

…in 20 years and over 260,000 clients… NO ONE has ever been harmed by their symptoms. No one has ever taken their life.



It’s simple… you do what the brain and body are naturally set up to do, deactivating inappropriate emotions and return to normal emotional responses. There is no other solution… it’s not difficult… it works in every case (because you’re human) and it produces permanent recovery.

How do you do it?

You LITERALLY tell the brain to switch it off. But not through words, talking, thinking, relaxing or medication.

Over the last 20 years we have shown over 260,000 people how to recover.

Has it ever failed? No, it can’t fail. People fail but the process can’t.

IF you DO what your brain is waiting for in the next few hours, it will switch off your disorder!

It will centrally erase your ability to suffer.

RECOVERY IS ‘UNAVOIDABLE’ – You won’t be able to stop yourself recovering

The possibility that TLM can fail is like placing you on a treadmill for 60 minutes every day for the next 3 months and telling you to stop yourself from becoming fitter… it is physically impossible. By virtue of the fact that your legs would be moving at speed, the signals your brain receives would increase your fitness throughout your body… try as you might, you CANNOT stop your body and mind creating fitness if you are exercising.


Take a look at our testimonials from real people and then take time out to look across mental healthcare to find ANYTHING that comes close to the recovery successes we generate. What we do isn’t ‘new science’ it’s very simple psychology.


…the last time an anxiety free person you know was sad, happy, jealous, angry or fearful… did they have therapy, medication, hypnosis or anything else to return their emotions to ‘neutral’? No of course not. Why? Because the brain takes care of turning those emotions back OFF after they’ve been utilised.Your brain is fearful, not because of illness or frailty, but because ONE thing has got in the way of it turning OFF your inappropriate fear. So if you could erase that ONE thing, it would go back to ‘normal’… agreed? So let us show you how to do just that.

*CBT – In 2017 independent university trials concluded that having CBT is exactly as effective as doing nothing. These findings are echoed by tens of thousands of our clients who tried CBT; many stated that it made them far worse. Our trials demonstrated 100% effectiveness… there’s no comparison.