Anxiety & Panic Disorder Tips

How to overcome anxiety disorders and every symptom and thought they cause.

The mind generates FEAR to identify and address threats.


In anxiety disorders, there are no REAL threats present.

So why do you feel so scared if there’s nothing to be scared of?

It’s actually really simple… anxiety is a DISORDER of the emotion of fear and when you develop an anxiety disorder, you experience fear when there is nothing to be frightened of.

Sure, you will experience symptoms and thoughts which worry you, but they are features of the disorder not signs of illness.

Below we will provide you with some very clear tips which will help you to understand your anxiety and move forwards towards true recovery.

We know it feels like you will always be ‘this way’ but let me reassure you that you can and will recover once you know what to do.


Anxiety Tip One

You are NOT ill.

The most powerful tip you can learn is that despite how you feel, you will not come to any harm because of your anxiety.

Anxiety may be a disorder but it is NOT at all harmful… the symptoms and thoughts, despite how they feel, are completely harmless.

Since 1997 and with hundreds of thousands of ex clients we have helped… NO ONE has ever been harmed by their symptoms.

If you decide to allow us to help you, you will be able to watch videos about every symptom you experience. They explain exactly why you suffer, how the symptom developed and how to remove them.

Anxiety Tip Two

You suffer because you are amazing!

Has anyone ever told you that you are a worrier, that you ‘over-think’ everything, that you are ‘sensitive’?

There’s a reason for that and when we show you it, you will not only feel relieved and reassured but you’ll see EXACTLY why you suffer from anxiety, how to recover fast and…. more importantly…

…how to become a better version of you that you never would have dreamed of.

The reason you suffer from anxiety will make you invincible.

Anxiety Tip Three

Every symptom you experience… the breathing, heart, digestive and thought issues… the dizziness, low mood and frustration… every symptom, thought, phobia and obsession… are created by ONE ‘setting’ in your mind.

Just like the timing in your cars engine being ‘out’, which gives rise to so many knock on issues in how your car functions, anxiety substantially affects every system within your body and mind. NOTHING is unaffected.

Your mind and body are PRIMED to be anxious right now… this is because you are confirming it constantly… albeit subconsciously and TOTALLY against both your wishes and necessity.

You know you don’t want to be this way but are seemingly powerless to do anything about it.

OR ARE YOU? Actually no… with the correct instruction in minutes, you can start to ‘turn down’ your anxiety levels.

So what is the solution to anxiety disorder?

If you could reverse what you did to form the anxiety disorder initially, you would be cured, correct?

Well, The Linden Method and our anxiety disorder specialists will show you how you can do exactly that without the use of medication or psychologist sessions. It is so simple to implement and the changes start to happen immediately.

You will be given simple guidance of what you must do, backed up by the most experience one on one support from our specialists who have helped tens of thousands of other sufferers just like you to eliminate their anxiety disorders completely and permanently.