Fear of fainting or passing out

Fear of fainting or passing out is a very common feature in anxiety disorders

Often, the sufferer has never actually ever fainted or passed out… they just fear the potential to do so.

Like fear of being alone or fear of contamination, or any other anxiety related fear, fear of passing out is an inappropriate anxious focus created by the fear response during an anxiety disorder.

Sure, no one WANTS to pass out, but this level of focus on the potential to pass out is both inappropriate and unnecessary.

Anxiety is the disorder of the emotion of fear and when anxious, the body is primed to fight or flee, even though it is the case that it sometimes feels like you couldn’t if you wanted to. Fear places you in hyper-vigilance, a state of arousal that prepares you to FIGHT or RUN, not pass out!

Fear also slightly raises blood pressure and fainting requires low blood pressure in order to happen, so your potential to pass out is actually diminished by your anxiety, despite how it feels.

Fainting is a good thing when necessary. It protects the body and mind.

How many of our clients, out of over 200,000 have fainted due to their anxiety? Honestly, none.

Like obsessive hand-washing, agoraphobia, eating disorder or health anxiety, fear of fainting is an anxiety related, phobic condition.

We will show you how to quickly remove anxiety from your life, returning you to normal emotional responses and erasing every symptom and thought you currently experience.

Despite what you may have been told, I can assure you that you can erase your phobia, erase anxiety and return to normal fear responses fast.

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You’ll be shocked at how quickly you can erase your fear of fainting and all related experiences.

We will show you how to return to normal emotional responsesand erase your fear of fainting for good

You will wake every day with normal thoughts and total emotional and physical balance – No drugs, no ‘therapy’ no ‘face your fear tactics’ or mumbo jumbo. Just simple, fast and effective removal of your anxiety condition with unlimited guidance by qualified recovery professionals IF you need it.

You can and will be free from your fear of fainting or passing out…

“Imagine waking every day considering nothing but the experiences and adventure ahead of you… well that’s how you will be! No matter how your disorder manifests in you, we will show you how you can live your life in emotional balance, excited about life, not fearful and depressed.” Charles Linden. Director. Linden Tree Education

Let’s be clear on this…

Anxiety is a condition of the emotions, it is NOT an emotion… fear is an emotion. You can’t cure emotions… BUT, you can recover from emotional disorders! Fully.


Our emotions are chemical. They are generated in the mind’s synapses as sparks jump across them collecting the appropriate chemical in order to provide us with an emotional experience.When the system is working correctly, we feel happy and well and all of our bodily functions work together in harmony. In anxiety disorders, the opposite is experienced… as you well know.

Emotional balance brings with it physical balance and wellbeing – Why?

Because we are what chemicals tell us to be. Your entire body is under the control of and totally reliant on the endocrine system that controls body chemistry.

It, not only, tells the physical body what to do and provides emotions, but it also keeps us alive, circulates blood, digests food and a myriad of other vital bodily functions… all in absolute harmony. Until disorders happen.


All emotional conditions are experienced directly because of chemical responses in the synapses in the brain and our programs will teach you how to, not only, take immediate control of those responses, but also how to quickly erase the ability to suffer from emotional imbalance, anxiety disorders, low mood, phobias, obsessions or any of the conditions experienced… ever again.


You will then be in lifelong balance and your body and mind will be able to work effectively in every way.

The system is designed to be used by people from 7 years of age over 20 years of research and development to make it simple, understandable and immediately effective.