Millions of people believe that anxiety disorders are incurable…

…and that medication, reassurance and coping strategies are the only choice.


  • Are you feeling like you’re going to have to cope with your anxiety for life?
  • Have you been told that anxiety can’t be cured?
  • Are you, ay all, sceptical that a real solution exists?


Your frustration is completely normal and understandable and the same pain we have heard about from 1000’s of ex clients, regardless of location, age, gender or background.

Anxiety conditions aren’t about emotional weakness, they are entirely about your ‘ability to suffer’, this science comes from the foundations of neurology and physiology.

You see, around 70% of people CAN’T suffer from anxiety conditions, they are genetically immune but for the, approximately, 30% of people who can suffer, developing anxiety is almost inevitable.

Science and evolution have created this problem but they also provide the solution. The science of the emotions is set in solid evolutionary concrete, but to remove disorders of the emotions a set process has to happen… a simple process that cannot fail.

Supermodel, Jodie Kidd says…

I did it and have cured myself.

“I was consumed with anxiety and panic, but after starting the programme, within days, I was feeling better.”

Jodie and her sister Jemma’s recoveries are all due to a simple, scientific recovery method that has since ben used by over 1/4 million people around the world.

“You don’t have to go anywhere to get the professional guidance and recovery you deserve and you can get everything you need to recover for the price of one psychology session, so it’s affordable for everyone”.

So how did Jodie and Jemma do it?

The recovery program format is easy to access on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer and include short, easy to understand instructions that lead you to fast reduction and removal of ANY anxiety condition, including GAD, panic attacks, OCD, phobias, compulsions, low mood, emetophobia, PTSD, eating disorders, self-harming and even ME, CFS and fibromyalgia.




Charles with LTE Ambassador, Miranda Hart

Charles Linden, director of Linden Tree, overcame his anxiety, panic, OCD, PTSD, health anxiety, eating disorders, DP and DR, emetophobia and PureO in 1996 after 22 years of suffering.

Charles formed LTE as the vehicle for bespoke programs of recovery. Since 1996, we have created the most effective recovery therapy available with 100% efficacy and the most incredible support team helping sufferers to find the fast recoveries they deserve.

Using TLM activates the mind’s natural recovery process – the process has been designed by ex sufferers and our mental health team and is guaranteed by science and human evolution. It can’t fail to remove the disorders because that’s the way nature intended it.




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