My name is Charles Linden and I know, all too well, how it feels to suffer from childhood anxiety disorders.

From the age of 4 years, which is my earliest memory of anxiety affecting my life, I experienced night frights, school phobia, tics, obsessions, panic attacks, agoraphobia, monophobia (fear of being alone), separation anxiety, eating disorders, health anxiety and dozens of physical symptoms and inappropriate thoughts… till I was 27 years old.

It is my passion to prevent that suffering in ANY child and it is my lifelong ambition to get this programme to every person, but especially young person, that needs to quickly and simply return to normal thoughts, emotional responses, behaviours and activities… to resume the life they deserve.

LAR Therapy which is the therapy behind TLM Junior and all of our workshop and residential programs, is the World’s only accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy.

I developed the therapy having cured myself in 1997. Since then and not entirely by design, I have now helped over 260,000 people worldwide and have devised programmes, books, CDs, DVDs and TV programmes to communicate the recovery pathways we have created.

EVERYTHING we do is based on science. Not on the false science administered in talking therapies and medical interventions, but the science of the emotions that has developed in all humans through evolution. The science that moves people from emotional imbalance and physical turmoil to recovered, sometimes in hours. Recovery happens quickly if you know how to administer it.

The most wonderful aspect of recovery and the process to lead you there, is that it is made clear from the first moment that suffering is due to a wonderful and powerful STRENGTH… a genetic gift if you like. This science is massively positively influential.

GREAT NEWS – Children respond much faster than adults – The child brain responds so quickly to instruction and is compelled through ‘good feelings’. The, almost instant, relief they experience is just so powerful and drives them to ramp up their recovery… but this isn’t ‘magic’… it’s just simple human biology in action.

Our junior programmes are administered by health practitioners with a professional level qualification as an LAR Recovery Practitioner and all of our programs have been developed over two decades of research and development, to be simple, accessible, supportive and quickly effective.

Yours or your child’s recovery is our focus. Not management or coping strategies, but fast relief from any fear, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and low mood experienced currently.

For more information about our childhood anxiety programmes, please contact:

Jackie Anderson: +44(0)1562 742004 or email her at