Is The Linden Method a scam?

Despite our critics and competitors claiming that we are a ‘scam’, we are actually and accredited healthcare and educational organisation with professional healthcare professionals.

We are the only accredited provider of anxiety disorder recovery therapy.

This doesn’t always sit well with people who do not or cannot create recovery – we effect their reputations by proving that anxiety disorders are curable and that the only reasons for not being able to create recovery are ignorance and incompetence.

For over 22 years we have been helping anxiety sufferers from all over the world to recover from their disorders.

Real mental health specialists with years of experience as anxiety recovery practitioners – BACP & BPS – LAR Accredited

Just like a mental health clinic or NHS practice, Linden Tree is an accredited educational facility and recovery practice.

We also work in partnership with Trading Standards to ensure that our policies and practices are watertight.

We operate safeguarding and our therapists work under supervision by a BACP accredited supervisor.

No ‘scam’ would be in operation for over 20 years and accredited by the oldest educational awarding body in the UK

You won’t find such an enormous resource of recovery testimonials anywhere else.

The process we provide is, from day one, recovery focused; quickly promoting emotional balance and supporting clients to become the people they were always meant to be.

We have helped some of the world’s biggest celebrities, sports-stars, supermodels, actors, actresses, politicians and doctors to find recovery.

We are on ‘speed dial’ for media agencies, studios and other agencies who need fast results when their people can’t perform.

How can we help you?

“My name is Beth Linden and I am a director of The Linden Centres and I am Charles Linden’s wife. Is The Linden Method a scam? Well, let me tell you, there are a lot of scams out there but The Linden Method is NOT one of them. If you want 100% conclusive evidence that The Linden Method isn’t a scam… please read below and make up your own mind.”

Beth Linden. Director. The Linden Centres International.

A scam is a ruse, a con, a falsification of fact designed to extort money or something else from an unsuspecting person or people.

Here is categorical fact that demonstrates conclusively that The Linden Method is NOT a scam:

  • We are the only mental health educational facility working in partnership with Trading Standards
  • Our in-house psychologists, psychotherapists and doctors would NOT work for a scam operation
  • If The Linden Method were a scam, we wouldn’t have been around for 14 years
  • If The Linden Method were a scam, we wouldn’t have registered companies around the world
  • We have a large team of qualified employees and admin staff who you can visit at any time
  • The Linden Method Retreats and Workshops have been running for three years
  • We have many endorsements on our websites from qualified external medics etc
  • We have thousands of testimonials scattered across our websites
  • Charles has his own TV series on international TV and alot of DVD releases
  • The programmes are endorsed by famous people and aristocracy
  • The Linden Method and Charles have been in hundreds of newspapers and magazines
  • The Linden Method is available through bookstores on and offline
  • The Linden Method is an internationally registered Trademark
  • Charles has dozens of videos available online and on YouTube

SURELY, if The Linden Method were a scam, in 22 years and 270,000 clients helped, it would be very, very obvious!

You can visit us at any time at our offices by prior appointment and meet the whole team!

Show us another resource, programme provider or even health professional that offers all these assurances.

Show us anyone online or off that provides all this qualified guidance and guarantees it like we do!

The Linden Method is NOT a scam BUT there are a lot of scams out there so please beware.. here are some things to watch out for so you don’t get scammed.

ALWAYS check credentials.

Always check geographic locations and offices actually exist with employees in them
Always check company registrations and registered office addresses
Always check qualifications of people involved
Always check endorsements from medically qualified people
Make sure that the support team is QUALIFIED
Always check insurances and accreditations
Never take support from an unqualified individual
Always speak to a qualified individual at a registered company office if in doubt
Always research other services offered by the same company – if there aren’t any BEWARE
Always look for ISBN registration
Always be sure that the organization has Trademark Registrations
Make sure you see photographs of the people involved
Look for LONG guarantees – at least 6 months
NEVER trust an anxiety Ebook seller – ALWAYS check them out

It is SO easy to set up as a merchant online – beware of false testimonials, false accreditations etc. no matter how long they seem to have been around

Many ebook sellers say they have qualifications but often they lead you to believe that their qualifications are medical/psychological and often they are NOT