Overthinking is one of the most common features of anxiety conditions but it’s also a necessary function in the FEAR response – however overthinking can be removed.

Do you feel like you can’t switch your thoughts off?
Do your racing thoughts keep you awake at night?
Do you feel anxious, on edge and/or confused?

Overthinking isn’t a character trait, it’s a feature of a disorder.

The mind works on a system of ‘balance of probability’, constantly taking information from the world around us through your senses, and decoding it quickly to enable you to react to that environment correctly.

IF you are one of the, approximately, 30% who have the ability to develop a fear disorder (anxiety) and overthinking, the probability is that you will.

If you carry the predisposition (ability) to suffer from anxiety and your senses detect a threat, no matter how small it is, your mind can take that threat and make it into a monumental, catastrophic nightmare.

But that’s not because it IS that threatening, it’s because you have the ability to make it that way.

You see, most people don’t have the ability to over-think.

Most people don’t have the intellectual ability to develop a fear disorder.

Over-thinkers are often ridiculed for being over-sensitive or weak. Many are told that they have to modify their lives to accommodate their weaknesses. Many become socially withdrawn and many end up taking medication and having therapies. Inappropriate therapies.

It’s NOT about weakness

You see, overthinking has nothing to do with weakness, frailty, fear or any other negative emotion of attribute. Overthinking is a FEATURE of an immense intellectual ability.

Our clients range from 4 to 94 and and it doesn’t matter how old you are, how long you have suffered, or what other anxiety issues you experience, it can be stopped.

Your overthinking is a positive attribute.

It might not feel it right now but your overthinking, the what if thoughts, the catastrophizing is, not only, the sign of great intellectual ability (trust us on this despite what you think), but it is ALSO the sign of a mind that is currently being used to create negative emotional responses.


Imagine for one moment that all of the mental ‘energy’ you currently put into your over-thinking, was repurposed and used for something GREAT.Since 1996, we have watched hundreds of thousands of people overcome their over-thinking and repurpose their minds to achieve THE MOST incredible things.

You can quickly erase ovethinking and return to measured emotional responses

You will wake every day with normal thoughts and total emotional and physical balance.

Overthinking is a necessary part of the fear response. It falls within the part of the response that assesses risk. The ‘what if, then’ part of the risk analysis.

When a risk presents itself, the mind asks ‘if this happens, how do I respond?’

If you apply this question to all of the subjects that you ‘over-think’, you’ll see how this works.

Often, people say… I can’t apply the ‘what if’ question, so I think my over-thinking is ‘different’. The problem is often that people don’t understand that the what if can also be a ‘what happens when’ or a ‘maybe I can’t’ so they miss the risk assessment in the language used. Does that make sense?

A risk assessment ALWAYS precedes fear. Without the risk assessment, fear cannot activate.

You can and will be free from your overthinking

“Imagine waking every day considering nothing but the experiences and adventure ahead of you… well that’s how you will be! No matter how your disorder manifests in you, we will show you how you can live your life in emotional balance, excited about life, not fearful and depressed. I was an over-thinker till I was 26… now I am just a thinker. Once the disorder has gone, overthinking STOPS… and I know how to make it stop.”

Charles Linden. Director. Linden Tree Education
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Let’s be clear on this… you cannot cure FEAR… but emotional disorders can be removed completely, returning sufferers to normal emotional responses.

Anxiety is a condition of the emotions, it is NOT an emotion… fear is an emotion. You can’t cure emotions… BUT, you can recover from emotional disorders! Fully.


Our emotions are chemical. They are generated in the mind’s synapses as sparks jump across them collecting the appropriate chemical in order to provide us with an emotional experience.When the system is working correctly, we feel happy and well and all of our bodily functions work together in harmony. In anxiety disorders, the opposite is experienced… as you well know.

Emotional balance brings with it physical balance and wellbeing – Why?

Because we are what chemicals tell us to be. Your entire body is under the control of and totally reliant on the endocrine system that controls body chemistry.

It, not only, tells the physical body what to do and provides emotions, but it also keeps us alive, circulates blood, digests food and a myriad of other vital bodily functions… all in absolute harmony. Until disorders happen.


All emotional conditions are experienced directly because of chemical responses in the synapses in the brain and our programs will teach you how to, not only, take immediate control of those responses, but also how to quickly erase the ability to suffer from emotional imbalance, anxiety disorders, low mood, phobias, obsessions or any of the conditions experienced… ever again.


You will then be in lifelong balance and your body and mind will be able to work effectively in every way.The system is designed to be used by people from 7 years of age over 20 years of research and development to make it simple, understandable and immediately effective.

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