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So, what did I mean by ‘The Tickle Hypothesis’?

Have you ever been REALLY tickled?

Have you experienced the overwhelming loss of bodily control and strength that happens when you are being tickled?

Did you notice that when this happened:

– your laughter caused your breathing to change
– your heart rate started to increase
– your muscle tension increased
– your skin may have flushed
– your body temperature rose
– despite the unpleasant feelings, you laughed almost to the point of crying

Why did all this happen? All this happened because of your emotions

Let me illustrate this for you.

– Your skin detected that someone was tickling you.
– The sensory ‘data’ (the tickling experience) was fed back to your subconscious mind (the autonomic nervous system).
– Your mind decoded the sensory experience as pleasurable.
– Your limbic system released pleasure hormones.
– These hormones bring about a physical experience of pleasure.
– Your senses continue to gather data, some of which is unpleasant.
– Your mind responds with more pleasure hormones, which override the unpleasant physical feelings.

Although you feel frustrated, angry and unpleasant, the pleasure emotion comes first.

What does this all mean to you?

This is vital to your fast and permanent recovery…

Apply the same ‘tickling logic’ and science to the emotion of fear.

Your senses detected a threat (even a sensation or thought that your mind perceived as threat).
The data about that threat was fed back to your subconscious mind.
Your mind decoded that experience as ‘risky’.
The limbic system released fear hormones. (Adrenalin etc.)
The hormones brought about bodily changes that give you the physical experience of fear.
These changes manifest as anxiety symptoms which your subconscious ‘decodes’ as risk.
Your mind responds with increased fear.
The cycle continues – fear causing symptoms – symptoms causing fear.
You KNOW logically that there is nothing to fear BUT your subconscious doesn’t know that.

When you are being tickled, the emotion of happiness activates, makes physical changes and is SO overwhelming that it deactivates, pretty much, any ability you usually have to do ANYTHING else.

Your other emotions are deactivated, your bodily functions are deactivated and you become a squirming mess.

You have no physical or mental attributes to apply to ANYTHING else and if you were asked to do anything else at that time… even if you heard the request… you couldn’t do it.

How is that different to your anxiety? It’s NOT!

So how do you stop anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD, PTSD, derealization, depersonalization, eating disorders and phobias? You deactivate the emotion of fear.

How do you do that?


The way we do this has become the world’s ONLY dedicated anxiety recovery therapy!

TRULY – The Linden Method is used by qualified practitioners in health care, helping people all over the world to recover!

In The Linden Method, you will be told exactly how to achieve this FAST… it’s so, so simple.

It is TRULY the ONLY solution to anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessions and depression. You will see that soon!

We will hand you the ‘roadmap’ to that process, so that you travel the curative pathway quickly.

So, you see the exact same mechanism that activates during tickling activates during anxiety… it’s just that different chemicals are involved!

You are NOT ILL
You DO NOT have a chemical imbalance
You DO NOT have a mental illness

Your anxiety is NOT DEPRESSION YOU don’t need to be ‘CURED’ because you are NOT ill

You need to deactivate the anxiety response! I’ve taught thousands upon thousands of sufferers to do this, BUT whether they do it, or not, isn’t something I can be in control of.

Like a piano teacher, I can provide the rules, the posture and the knowledge but YOU have to wiggle your fingers, otherwise you won’t become a pianist… the same is true of anxiety recovery!

You HAVE TO travel this route to become anxiety free… there is no other recovery process, so just follow in the footsteps of all recovered sufferers and the process happens naturally.

Charles Linden
Linden Tree Education