anxiety disorder lady

Please read this page fully because I promise you it will be the answer to your prayers.

Do you experience anxiety, panic, fears, phobias, obsessions, depression or a general sense of unease?

My name is Charles Linden and apart from an obvious gender issue… I was you once.

I’m now 49 years old, but for 27 years of my life I suffered with generalised anxiety disorder, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, PTSD, health anxiety, eating disorders, inappropriate thoughts and a raft of physical and psychological ‘symptoms’ that rendered me, more or less, useless, in every way.

I then cured myself and now I help people like you to do the same. How?

Through the Method that is now the world’s first and only accredited and dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy.

There’s a reason why most of our Anxiety Recovery Specialists are women and why they are all ex sufferers!

We recognise that the largest ‘cluster’ of anxiety disorder su

fferers in society fall within the 30-60 age range and we also recognise that you need very specifically designed guidance and support… but why is this?

It’s actually a pretty simple concept based on real science and evidence… but this really matters to you!

Out of context, men won’t ‘get’ this, so please be careful what you say to any men around you… it’s not that men are weaker, less capable or in some way ‘lacking’, it’s just that anxiety disorders effect them differently; in the same way that pain receptors in women are prepared for childbirth for example… although the blueprint is the same, the ‘programming’ is slightly different.

SO, what does this all mean to YOU?

  • You will discover so much about the real you after recovery… in fact, you’ll love what you become and here is my bullet list of what is special about YOU (and all women actually).
  • Women have a higher incidence of the genetic trait that ‘predisposes’ you to suffer from anxiety
  • Women’s life circumstances conspire against them in many way… men’s don’t so much!
  • Women’s enhanced social abilities can (and mostly DO) worsen anxiety disorder suffering
  • Women’s body chemistry is different in so many ways… if you don’t use IT, it can use YOU
  • Women have an enhanced physiological ability to fully and quickly recover
  • Men who suffer also have many of these female biological attributes (don’t tell them that just yet though!)
  • Women are psychologically differently (OK, better) equipped to realise incredible intellectual potential

Our team are all more like YOU than I am, agreed, and that’s relevant because they 100% were YOU once… OK, they didn’t have your life experiences but biologically, you were ‘cut from the same mould’… and you will soon discover that what they will show you…

  • Is not a ‘treatment’ option, but THE only humanly possible way to recover from your anxiety
  • That you can do things TODAY to feel enormously different and better tomorrow
  • That the human body has its own ‘anxiety off’ switch and that it’s accessible as the ‘hunger off’ switch you activate when you eat
  • That you have it within you to release enormous intellectual potential and abilities

So what can you do TODAY to make you feel better right away?

Just pick up the phone weekdays between 9am and 6pm and speak to one of our Recovery Practitioners… just an informal chat about how you feel, what you experience and what you would like to achieve and I guarantee you that by the end of the conversation, you will feel relieved, enlightened, excited and more than confident about your future.

You can speaking to Kathy, Fiona, Jackie or Sheila within minutes from now… dedicated Specialists, ex sufferers, people like you who have recovered, know how to cure you and truly want to help… Charlie’s Angels if you like.

Call them on +44(0)1562 742004 for a free consultation

We aren’t like conventional medics, psychologists, therapists or other practitioners… whilst we are qualified psychotherapists and psychologists, we are also dedicated Anxiety Recovery Specialists who know how to make you better in every way… waiting for your call in order to lead you to the life you deserve.
Furthermore, everything you tell us is under the strictest confidence working under supervision by our BACP appointed supervisor and regulated by the professional practice guidelines of the organisation. You can tell us ANYTHING… discuss any symptom, thought or concern… your words will be kept totally confidential and will never be discussed or disclosed to another person.